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This is an example of the message we can customise for you that your recipients will see when they open the link. Companies typically use this to explain what we're sending them and why.

Dietary Requirements
Optional - custom information you may want to capture
This section is optional on custom orders. We can capture additional information through custom fields and send this back to you via an API, webhook call over HTTPS or spreadsheet export.
Delivery Details
Unfortunately we can't support this country with this form and any non UK entries will not be saved. Please contact the person who sent you this link and advise them that your address is outside of the UK (excluding Northern Ireland)
Please include your Apartment / Building name and number if you have one.
Contact Information

Providing contact information is optional. It's supplied to the courier to contact you if there's an issue, and to send you delivery updates when your package is out for delivery.

Your address and personal details are deleted from our system once your package has been sent. We will never use, or store your data longer than we need to.

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